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Commercial heating systems

A range of commercial heating systems are used across New Zealand businesses, including ducted heat pumps, radiators, underfloor heating, and other central heating systems. As these often cover an extensive area, they need to be strong and high performing at all times. It is important that you get the right capacity and system installed in your commercial space, so you can control the temperature in the area at all times and provide an ideal working environment for all of your employees. Our team can help you select the ideal heating system for your commercial space and take care of the product’s complete installation, maintenance, and servicing.

Professional commercial electricians

Future Air Solutions are experts in working on all kinds of commercial electrical heating equipment across New Zealand. Our specialist engineering team is able to plan and design a personalised heating solution for your building, whatever its size and location. For your commercial space, we suggest getting ducted heat pumps or another central heating system, such as radiators and underfloor heating, as these are the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for larger areas. We take into account your needs, the number of rooms and your budget when planning a commercial heating renovation.

Our team knows everything about maintaining, servicing and renovating commercial heating systems to ensure that it works to their full potential. We help you create a cost-effective and high-performing heating solution for your business place to give you the best results. Get the most of your commercial heating system with Future Air Solutions!

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